Weird and Wacky Tennis Facts to Impress Your Friends

January 03, 2021

You may be the world’s biggest tennis fan or just a lover of obscure trivia… no matter which, here are a few odd facts about tennis that you can share to enlighten friends, family and maybe even your favourite expert tennis coach!

  • Under regulation scoring, a tennis set will never have a score of 6-5
  • The Wimbledon trophy is topped with a pineapple
  • Calling a diamond bracelet a “tennis bracelet” was coined when Chris Evert lost hers on the court at the 1987 US Open
  • Cotton polo shirts debuted as tennis apparel
  • The first shoe designed for playing tennis was the Adidas “Stan Smith”, though the name came several years later)
  • In 1968, the Wilson T2000 was the first racket that was not made of wood
  • It is legal to hit a tennis ball around the net
  • A ball that bounces off the netpost is live
  • Tennis courts are generally oriented north-south

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