Helping people of every ability find their inner champion requires a comprehensive approach and Zayed Sports Academy delivers across the complete spectrum. Our team brings professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise to our regular lessons and beyond.


Some of the top companies in the region call upon Zayed Sports Academy’s expertise to ensure their specialised sport needs can be executed to the highest standard. We service a wide range of projects, from running the Mubadala Abu Dhabi Open ball kid programme to training teachers from the UAE Ministry of Education in best practices.


Working with national and international federations and leveraging the best practices established around the world, Zayed Sports Academy delivers highly rated competitive opportunities. Tournaments, leagues and competitions are necessary to athletic growth and we're helping to shape this landscape within the region.


Complementing the broad nature of lessons and leveraging in-depth knowledge from industry experts, camps and workshops expand knowledge and inspire player progress.

Tailored to age and skill, these activities cover everything from broad skill development during school breaks to advanced technical, tactical, mental and physical topics during intensive sessions. Their focused nature contributes to rapid skill development as well as growth around teamwork, sportsmanship and confidence.



The community element of sport cannot be underestimated. Including festivals, friendly contests and easy-going social gatherings, our social events help build relationships among like-minded people and encourage the public to become more engaged in sports.


The benefits of healthy employees to an organisation cannot be underestimated. Known to improve productivity and reduce sick-time, corporate health and wellness programmes are essential in high-functioning businesses. Through tournaments, sports days, leagues and family outings, Zayed Sports Academy offers specialised management that yields the positive results companies desire.


Being entrenched in sport ourselves, we understand the value of physical education for children. Working with the public and private organisations, Zayed Sports Academy supports growth of children, teachers and administrators through a variety of projects.