Zayed Sports Academy is divided into four programme stages, each designed to support players in reaching their goals.

Fundamental Stage

Zayed Sports Academy aims to engage children with sports in order to help them develop active lifelong habits. This means that equally important to the children playing sports is them having fun while doing so.

Establishing gross motor skills such as coordination and balance are paramount in our fundamental programmes. Utilising scaled down equipment and a smaller field-of-play, kids develop good techniques and use realistic tactics in an age-appropriate setting. This combination ensures that lessons are interactive, achievable and fun right from the start.

Offered in ice skating, roller skating, and tennis.

Developmental stage

Developmental stage programmes encourage consistency in play and an understanding of competition strategies in a regulation setting.

Sessions are designed to be fresh and fun, encouraging tweens and teens to stay involved in sports. Zayed Sports Academy incorporates exciting training aids and new trends while promoting socialisation and sportsmanship as well.

Offered in ice skatingtennis, and roller skating.


High Performance Squad applies a universal approach to developing elite athletes. Budding talent in Zayed Sports Academy are provided with a focused and intensive training programme to prepare them fully for competition, helping them earn international rankings and university scholarships.

Squad members are provided with technical, tactical, mental and physical training delivered through specialised sport-specific fitness regimens and proven training techniques.

 Offered in tennis and ice skating.


Physical activity is important at all ages, and anytime is the right time to start, re-start or continue in sport with Zayed Sports Academy. Working up a sweat in our adult programmes such as mixed social groups, ladies mornings, beginner’s clinics and cardio classes offer unique ways for you to get fit, learn a new skill, win a competition or simply have fun through sport.

Offered in ice skatingtennis, and roller skating.