Start Padel in 6 Easy Steps

May 23, 2022

Are you ready to play padel? Here are 6 simple steps to get started in this rapidly growing sport.

  1. Gather a Group of 4

A typical padel match involves four players. They are split into two teams two.

  1. Grab Your Racket

Secure the strap of your padel racket around your wrist. To grip the racket itself, place it onto your palm and grip around it, close to the bottom. This “continental” style grip simulates a handshake.

  1. Serve

To start your padel rally, stand behind the back line, drop the ball at your side, and swing underhand on the bounce. The ball should cross the net and bounce into the box diagonally.

  1. Play a Rally

A rally is when you hit back and forth with your opponent. The ball must be returned before it bounces twice.

  1. Get Strategic

Improve your rallies with a bit of technique. Let the ball bounce off of the glass, focus on control instead of power, and be sure to communicate with your teammate.

  1. Score Points

There are three ways to earn points in padel. Add to your score whenever the opponent: 

  • allows the ball to bounce twice on their side
  • touches the ball with their body
  • hits the ball against the ground or mesh fence before it goes over the net

You can use official scoring (0-15-30-40-Game) or a simple counting system (1-2-3) to track points.